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The China Pavilion is in the center of Expo Milano 2015, on Lot N21, covering 4,590 square meters, the second largest foreign pavilion at the Expo.

The China Pavilion Organizing Committee, jointly set up by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT) and Ministry of Agriculture, organizes the exhibition on behalf of the Chinese Government.

There will be two corporate pavilions – China Corporate United and Vanke -- joining the Expo as part of the China Pavilion.

The China Pavilion  [Photo by Zhang Wei]




The China Pavilion theme is "Land of Hope, Food for Life", as a sign of the efforts of the Chinese people to use resources effectively, ensure food security and provide a sufficient and healthy food supply.

‘Land’ is the source of food and human life and ‘Hope’ refers to expectations and wishes so ‘Food for life’ represents the close relationship between food and humans.

A night scene of the China Pavilion.  [Photo by Zhang Wei]




1. Chinese enterprises establish their pavilion overseas at the expo for the first time.

A scene of the China Pavilion  [Photo by Zhang Wei]

2. China Pavilion will showcase agriculture, food supply and the long history of Chinese catering culture, and demonstrate the current situation and the sustainable development concept for the future.

The “Earth” exhibition hall will make featured visual effects through huge LED optical fibers, so as to echo the theme of the pavilion. [Photo by Zhang Wei]
3. It’s the first time that Chinese enterprise builds its own pavilion at foreign expo.

Appearance of China Corporate United Pavilion, China Pavilion and Vanke Pavilion    Provided to expochina2015.org

4. Various forms of activities themed on exhibited provinces and enterprises will be held in the China Pavilion.


The exhibited provinces    Provided to expochina2015.org




The overlapping pattern of the Logo suggests a harmonious co-existence for all of creation, with the blue representing the sky, the green representing the land, the gold standing for food, and the red for people and life.

The logo of China Pavilion   Provided to expochina2015.org




These are "Hehe" and "Mengmeng", borrowed from Huishan earthen figurines, intangible part of China’s cultural heritage, and "Hehe" representing harmony between man and nature, and "Mengmeng" (or ‘dream’ in Chinese) reflecting Chinese people's vision and expectations for the future.


"Hehe" representing harmony between man and nature.

"Mengmeng" (or ‘dream' in Chinese) reflecting Chinese people's vision and expectations for the future. 




1. May 22: Beautiful China – Silk Road Tourism Promotion.

2. June 8: National Day of China Pavilion – the most important event for the pavilion, with a flag rising ceremony, official speech, art performance, pavilion tour, and reception.

3. June 9: Sino-Italian Agriculture and Food Forum.

4. During the expo period

Cultural Weeks and Days: 17 provinces and cities from China will organize Cultural Weeks or Days featured with art performance, cultural heritage display, gourmet exhibition, economic and trade exchanges.

Corporate Days: the Global Partners of China Pavilion will organize cultural and business events inside the pavilion.

Youth painting exhibition: prize winning works related to expo theme by Chinese young artists aged between 7 and 22 will be displayed on rotation during the expo period.

Ad hoc events and exhibitions: Various art events and temporary exhibitions will be organized inside the pavilion or at the expo site.