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Overview of Expo Milano 2015 Video Theme Foody, the Mascot Clusters

Overview of Expo Milano 2015

Theme: "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life"

Dates: From May 1 to Oct 31 (184 days)

Offical participants: 147 countries and international organizations

Visitors anticipated: Over 20 million people expected, 12 million from Italy, 8 million from non-EU states

Exhibition site: almost 1.1 million square meters

Public investments on the event: EUR 1.3 billion

Private sector contribution: EUR 0.3 billion









Expo Milano 2015 is a global event, in which Countries, International Organizations, Civil Society, Partners and visitors discuss the theme "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life".

Nutrition is a crucial issue for the future of humanity. The increase in population, the scarcity of water and land resources require a serious and thorough reflection on strategies to ensure healthy food that is safe and enough for everyone.

With this in mind Expo Milano 2015 is a laboratory of innovation and research, a time for international discussion and debate to find concrete solutions that can improve the lives of people, while respecting the Planet. With the contribution of all Participants, the Universal Exposition in Milan will give the world the guidelines to ensure sustainable development, food security and quality in the production chain.

The Earth has nourished mankind for centuries. However, its resources are limited: simply by adopting conscious policy choices, virtuous lifestyles and using cutting-edge technologies it will be possible to find a balance between availability and consumption of resources. The keywords are: innovation, energy savings, environmental protection and careful water management (today about 800 million people do not have access).

The cooperation between peoples is fundamental to achieve this goal: for this Expo Milano 2015 will be the place of choice to deal with the problems and opportunities facing the agricultural sector, in the fields of sustainable development, the fight against hunger and common well-being.



Foody, the Mascot

The Expo Milano 2015 mascot, Foody, embodies the key themes of the event in a way that’s upbeat, original and powerful. Foody, designed by Disney Italia, is honest, wise, respectful and a real fan of healthy, tasty food. Foody also stands for community, diversity and food in the broadest sense, as a source of life and energy.

 Foody, the mascot of Expo Milano 2015    Provided to expochina2015.org

So it makes sense that the Expo mascot be a family of eleven members, each having their own unique personalities: real characters in their own right, and expressed as a single face. They represent an ideal synergy between those countries in the world who must address the planet’s food challenges, positively and energetically, and united as a true family.

The mascot characters are: Guagliò, the Garlic - Arabella, the Orange - Josephine, the Banana - Gury, the Watermelon - Pomina, the Apple - Max Maize, the Blue Corn - Manghy, the Mango - Rodolfo, the Fig - Piera, the Pear - Rap Brothers, the Radishes - Chicca, the Pomegranate.




The Clusters are a great innovation introduced by Expo Milano 2015. They are shared exhibition areas dedicated to Countries that do not wish to have their own pavilion, for various reasons.

These "villages", which will be located throughout the site, will allow these Countries to represent the food history, culture and tradition which characterize them most.

In fact, some Clusters will be dedicated to the presentation and tasting of timeless products, such as rice, coffee, spices, fruit and vegetables, cereals and tubers.