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Vanke Pavilion Theme Architecture Design Exhibition

Vanke Pavilion Overview

Location: Vanke Pavilion occupies the best area among all the enterprise pavilions in Expo Milano. It is located on the northern end of the main north-south axis line, close to Lake Arena and Italian Square and surrounded by multiple Expo Milano theme “clusters”, which is in perfect intersection of landscape and popularity.

Base area: 959 square meters 

Planning area: about 1,000 square meters 

Functional module: exhibition space, VIP room, souvenir shop, roof viewing platform.

Estimated reception number of visitors: 300,000

Vanke Pavilion [Photo from expochina2015.org]





Dining hall seems to be endemic to China and has a long history. Vanke redefines dining hall in the practice of urbanization and expects to find a way to help people communicate with each other, to make communities not only physical constructions but also accumulations of social cultural environments and cohesion of community wisdom in the process of rapid construction, immigration and city reform.

Vanke participates in the Expo Milano 2015 with the concept of “Building community through food”, hoping to demonstrate true and comprehensive Chinese urban life to the world and its consideration of people, people and community, and people and cities from the angle of civilians.

Outdoor scene of Vanke Pavilion [Photo from expochina2015.org]





Architectural Design

The Vanke Pavilion is inspired by a spectrum which ranges from the ancient thoughts of Confucius and Lao Zi to the contemporary. Architecturally, the form and materiality of the Pavilion makes a connection to the Renaissance and modernity.

The musical proportions, sinuous geometries and fluid movement between the inside and the outside creates a journey through both space and time. Through different media, visitors will understand the philosophy of "Shitang" (a dining hall) and the commitment Vanke has made to community, as represented by links between tradition, values, and human connectedness.

The Pavilion has a prominent location on the lake, allowing it to shape a public space that brings together the local and the global. The Pavilion will tell the story of civilization, technology and the 21st Century and offer a space for reflection and celebration.

The Vanke Pavilion is inspired by a spectrum which ranges from the ancient thoughts of Confucius and Lao Zi to the contemporary.[Photo from expochina2015.org]






In the rapid development of urbanization of China, Vanke is also transforming from traditional developer to city supporting service supplier. In Vanke’s philosophy, community is not only a physical existence, but also a place of joy and happiness.

Vanke participates in Expo Milano 2015 with the concept of “Shitang”, a dining hall, hoping to present real and comprehensive Chinese urban lives to the world and its practice of building community through food from the angle of common community residents through displaying an 8 to 10-minute film on nearly 300 irregularly placed multimedia screens in the pavilion.

Vanke Pavilion sketch [Photo from expochina2015.org]