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Milan Malpensa airport

2015-01-19 expochina2015.org

Milan Malpensa is the intercontinental airport of Milan. With its wide range of destinations throughout the world, it is the main hub of northern Italy. Malpensa operates with two passenger terminals (Malpensa Terminal 1 and Malpensa Terminal 2) and a cargo terminal (Malpensa Cargo).

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Technical information

2 parallel runways 3.920 x 60 m (35R17L and 35L17R)

34 parking positions (T2)

105 parking positions (R1 and cargo city)

Malpensa Terminal 1

Lower floor:

Railway station

Car hire

Shopping area:

Over 7,250 sqm

More than 74 stores

Food and drinks:

Approx. 4,900 sqm

24 retail outlets

Over 38 international brands

Ground floor-Arrivals:

10 baggage claim belts

BHS capacity: 11,400 bags/h

Parking Bus zone

First floor-Departures:

30 check-in desks (hand baggage)

65 gates

18 body-check points

28 passport control points

Second floor-Check in:

226 check-in desks

26 ticket desks

Malpensa Terminal 2

Ground floor Departures:

57 check-in desks

17 gates

6 ticket desks

6 body-check points

10 passport control points

Ground floor-Arrivals:

5 baggage claim belts

BHS capacity: 3,600 bags/h


First floor-Departures:

11 gates

Official website: http://lvyou168.cn/milanomalpensa-airport/index.html