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Pavilions of Milano Expo 3D Map of Expo Milano View of the China Pavilion’s construction site

Pavilions of Milano Expo

Theme: "Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life"

Dates: From May 1 to Oct 31 (184 days)

Offical participants: 147 countries and international organizations

Visitors anticipated: Over 20 million people expected, 12 million from Italy, 8 million from non-EU states

Exhibition site: almost 1.1 million square meters

Public investments on the event: EUR 1.3 billion

Private sector contribution: EUR 0.3 billion

 Vietnam Pavilion Spain Pavilion  Nepal Pavilion  Romania Pavilion  Kuwait Pavilion
Czech Pavilion  Bahrain Pavilion   Azerbauan Pavilion UAE Pavilion  China Pavilion 
Chile Pavilion  UK Pavilion Israel Pavilion Iran Pavilion Hungary Pavilion
Uruguay Pavilion Oman Pavilion Ireland Pavilion  Poland Pavilion Belarus Pavilion 
Colombia Pavilion Qatar Pavilion Lithuania Pavilion Latvia Pavilion Holy See Pavilion 
Malaysia Pavilion  Mexico Pavilion EU Pavilion  Slovenia Pavilion Angola Pavilion
Turkmenistan Pavilion Estonia Pavilion Austria Pavilion Brazil Pavilion Belgium Pavilion 
Bulgaria Pavilion Germany Pavilion  Russian Pavilion Kazakhstan Pavilion France Pavilion 
South Korea Pavilion US Pavilion Moldova Pavilion Morocco Pavilion   Monaco Pavilion
 Japan Pavilion Switzerland Pavilion Srilanka Pavilion  Thailand Pavilion  Slovakia Pavilion 



3D Map of Expo Milano





View of the China Pavilion’s construction site