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Chinese President Xi Jinping gives welcome speech for the China Pavilion at Milan Expo

2015-05-02 expochina2015.org


The Milan Expo 2015 kicked off on May 1, and the China Pavilion opened on the same day. Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a welcome speech via video.

The welcome speech is as follows:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the China Pavilion!

The Milan Expo is about agriculture and food. Such a theme concerns the survival and development of every human being and is therefore of great significance. The Chinese people have always believed that food is of top priority. China is the largest developing country in the world. Nothing is more important than feeding its over 1.3 billion population. Through our own efforts over the years, we have successfully fulfilled this mission and laid an important foundation for China’s development.

Here in the China Pavilion, you will get a glimpse of our ancient agricultural civilization, the exciting progress of science and technology and the great diversity of Chinese cuisine. All these are important components of the Chinese civilization. China attaches importance to agriculture, rural areas and farmers. Issues related to them are given top priority in our agenda. China is modernizing its agriculture. We look forward to exchanges of agricultural expertise with all other countries to jointly ensure food security in the world and advance human civilization.

I wish the Milan Expo every success. Thank you.