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China Pavilion of August

2015-09-10 expochina2015.org

Europe has entered its August summer vacation season, with the number of Expo Milano visitors soaring and attendance at China Pavilion remaining outstanding every day. The first three months witnessed an average daily attendance of about 14,000, while the average number in August reached 18,000.

In fact, August saw ten days of more than 20,000 visitors, with the highest day approaching 25,000, making China Pavilion one of the Expo's most popular. During peak times, visitors to China Pavilion stretched in long lines along Expo Boulevard. Staff of other pavilions even joked that they would love to have shared some of those visitors!



China Pavilion packs with visitors in August.

"Retracing Maritime Silk Road 2015", which is a marine culture pageant involving culture, economy and trade, sports, scientific investigation, tourism and exploration along the Maritime Silk Road was held at China Pavilion in August.

The pageant showcased both the pioneering spirit of the Chinese people as they historically made long voyages, and their current invitation to Asian and European peoples to share the fruits of the Silk Road.

Ship model presented by Chinese navigator Zhai Mo to the World Expo Museum

Many of the global partners of China Pavilion also held cultural days in August. These included Gujingong Liquor and the dairy producer Yili Industrial Group. They and other partners are eager to enhance their global brand images. Gujingong Liquor presented a pennant to China Pavilion in appreciation of the international platform the Expo provides for Chinese enterprises.

The Shanghai cosmetic brand MAYSU Group joined with other partners in expressing its gratitude to the organizer, China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), for the proactive role it plays in assisting enterprises to promote investment through participation in the World Expo.

Colorful corporate events staged at China Pavilion in August.

The past month witnessed groups of distinguished visitors to China Pavilion, including Prince Louis of Monaco, Thai Princess Maha Chaki Sirindhorn, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and Moldovan Prime Minister Strelet.

Prince Louis said that China Pavilion looks tremendous from the outside and the thematic film and Hani dance are wonderful. He also expressed his wish to visit China again and learn more about the country. Thai Princess Maha Chaki Sirindhorn has favorable feelings about China and praised China Pavilion not only for exhibiting an enduring historical agricultural civilization but also for displaying the achievements of modern agriculture.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke highly of the rapid economic development of China and the increasingly improved living standard of Chinese people. He left an inscription saying "I really appreciate your warm reception. China Pavilion deeply impressed me. I hope that Israel - China cooperation will be strengthened in agriculture, technology, culture and other fields."

Prince Louis of Monaco visits China Pavilion.

Thai Princess Maha Chaki Sirindhorn visits China Pavilion.

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu visits China Pavilion.


Moldovan Prime Minister Strelet visits China Pavilion.

Moreover, China Pavilion received high praise from distinguished members of political and commercial communities. They included Funk Lavellen, Monaco's ambassador to Spain; H.E. Luca Fornari, Italian ambassador to the Philippines; Katalin Novak, Secretary General of the Family and Youth Affairs Department; Silva Rodriguez, former minister of Agriculture Affairs of the EU; Sun Chanthol, Minister of Commerce of Cambodia; David Cuqqino, Honorary President of the European Union Chamber of Commerce in China; Debora Serracchiani, President of Friuli Venezia Giulia District of Italy; Zhou Yupeng, president of the Shanghai Services Federation; and He Jingtang, chief designer of China Pavilion at Shanghai World Expo.

Sun Chanthol, Cambodian Minister of Commerce visits China Pavilion.

Gediminas Miskinis, Minister of Economy of Lithuania visits China Pavilion.

Joseph Kasonde, Minister of Health of Zambia visits China Pavilion. 

China Pavilion welcomed new groups of volunteers from Italy and China in August. The Italian volunteers have grown deeply attached to the amiable atmosphere in China Pavilion. Some volunteers like Luca and Andrew, even applied to work for another three months.

As an experienced volunteer, Luca helped the newcomers learn how to interpret in English and Italian in his spare time. Luca's parents were very pleased on hearing their son's performance and expressed their gratitude to China Pavilion for the opportunity.

The third group of Chinese volunteers heads for Expo Milano.

Voluntary tour-guide training among Italian volunteers

A group of Chinese volunteers and staff returned home in August. Two months is not a long time, but they have made deep friendship with one another through experience at the pavilion.

The Chinese volunteers are university students in their 20s or younger, who often work standing for two hours, or miss their meals taking care of guests. Always full of spirit and energy, they represent the image of China's younger generation of the 1990s.



The second group of Chinese volunteers

Two thirds of Expo Milano has passed. China Pavilion has held a series of activities, providing lots of wonderful moments. September has come, offering six provincial culture activities, three corporate days and visits of many foreign delegations. This month will be another colorful month of harvest, and I would like to express my warm welcome to all the guests who visit China Pavilion and experience Chinese culture.

Wang Jinzhen

Commissioner General of China Pavilion

Vice Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade