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China Pavilion of September

2015-10-10 expochina2015.org


Traditional food exhibition and moon cake tasting on China's Mid-Autumn Festival

China Pavilion filled with tourists
In September, Milan has entered the season of autumn with fresh air and pleasant climate, leading to the continuous popularity of Expo and a sea of visitors coming to the Expo. The average attendance of China Pavilion reaches 18,100. September has witnessed seven days with more than 20,000 daily visitors and the highest number has reached 25,169, refreshing the attendance record again.

Commissioner General of China Pavilion Wang Jinzhen

China Pavilion has been full of festivity and surprises in September. We have proactively taken advantage of festival activities to interact with the audience to make the visitors feel the warmness extended by China Pavilion and the unique charm of Chinese traditional culture.

On September 11th, with the counting down by the audience at the entrance,China Pavilion received the 2,000,000th visitor. It was Stefania and her family from Milan who knocked the lucky door and received the gifts by the director of China Pavilion on the celebration ceremony. The gifts were given with a good expectation that all the foreign visitors would love China Pavilion and China.

On 20th, China Pavilion welcomed the 100,000th visitor for Shandong Week and the lucky visitor who received the surprise was a thirteen-year-old boy coming from Province of Como, Italy.

Moreover, September 27th was the Mid-Autumn Festival of China, on which China Pavilion, along with Honliv Group, held festive activities to invite the visitors to interact in the competitions with chefs of Guxiang No.9.

Besides feasting eyes on, the visitors could also enjoy the traditional food of China including moon cakes and rice ball during the activity, making them immerged in the festive atmosphere of reunion. 


Inner Mongolia Day of China Pavilion 


Shandong-Italy Economic and Trade Cooperation Exchange Meeting and Enterprise Consultation Meeting


Qinghai Day of China Pavilion 


Xu Hubin, Secretary-general of CCPIT delivering speech at Hainan Day of China Pavilion
China Pavilion was also colorful and fruitful in September, with various and characteristic activities held continuously, including Shandong Week, Inner Mongolia Day, Hainan Day, Heilongjiang Day, Qinghai Day, Qingdao Day, Sichuan Day, APP (China) Corporation Day, EP Corporation Thematic Day, etc.

Hundreds of corporations have exhibited their products in China Pavilion, making the best use of the Expo platform to negotiate cooperation with different communities of Italy and signed a number of trade agreements and cooperation memos. On the opening ceremony of Shandong Week, China Pavilion has held the memorial ceremony on the theme of “Century of Expo, Glory of Shandong”.

Eight Shandong food enterprises with a century of EXPO history including Tsing Tao Beer, Yantai Changyu, DEEJ, etc. jointly signed the Milan Declaration of Shandong Century-Old Expo Enterprises on the theme of advocating food safety, integrity management and forge an ever - lasting enterprise.

   Qinghai Day of China Pavilion

Sichuan Day of China Pavilion

China Heilongjiang - Italy Trade Collaboration Symposium

Memorial ceremony of “Century of Expo, Glory of Shandong”

September witnessed quite a lot of friends coming from afar, adding to the joyous atmosphere of China Pavilion. On September 9th, Zhouqiang, president of the Supreme People’s Court of China visited the pavilion during his stay in Italy.

He expressed that the design and exhibition items of China Pavilion fully embodied the essences of Chairman Xi’s speech on Expo Milan, and showed Chinese ancient agricultural civilization, great diversity of cuisine and the exciting progress of science and technology to the whole world, which displayed the powerful image of China and played a key role in promoting the economic and trade cooperation and friendly intercourse between China and foreign countries.

With increasing international influence and frequent global exchanges, China takes delight in availing the Expo platform to tell the Chinese stories and deliver the Chinese voices and show the Great China Dream to the world.

On the second visit paid by Wu Jianmin, the former president of International Exhibition Bureau, he fully affirmed the achievements made by CCPIT in public diplomacy and international publicity with the use of the platform of China Pavilion. As a former leader of international organization and an expert of Expo, he expressed high appraisal that the success of China Pavilion was a vivid embodiment of the rise of China.


 EP Corporation Day 


APP (China) Corporation Day

China Pavilion receives the 2 millionth visitor.


China Pavilion welcomes the 100,000th visitor for Shandong Week.


Zhou Qiang, president of the Supreme People’s Court of China visits the pavilion during his stay in Italy.

Wu Jianmin, the former president of International Exhibition Bureau, writes inscriptions for China Pavilion.

Janusz Piechocinski, Vice Premier and Minister of Economic Affairs of Poland, paid a visit to China Pavilion and said that Expo offered great opportunity for China and Poland to strengthen understanding and cooperation and that Poland welcomed Chinese enterprises to make investment in the country and further deepening of the economic and trade cooperation as well as communications between China and Poland.

Pascal Lamy, the former WTO Director General and the Chief Coordinator of the Bidding for 2025 World Expo of France, praised that China Pavilion enjoyed a characteristic architectural style, explicit exhibition themes and beautiful garden designs.

He also spoke highly of China’s important roles in International Exhibition Bureau and World Expo affairs. Ben Whiteman, Premier of Curaçao, Which belongs to the Kingdom of Holland, expressed that China Pavilion boasted its beautiful design and abundant exhibitions and that the huge achievements made by China in agriculture and industry and the advocate of harmony between human and nature were worth learning by other countries.

Apart from that, China pavilion has well received many distinguished guests from domestic and foreign political and commercial communities including Zhou Hanming, who is the standing member of CPPCC National Committee, vice chairman of the Central Committee of China Democratic National Construction Association and the vice chairman of Shanghai CPPCC, Sunil Bahadur Thapa, Minister of trade and Industry of Nepal, Liu Changle, president of Phoenix Satellite TV, Deng Yijiang, Vice president of the National Grand Theatre, etc.

Janusz Piechocinski, Vice Premier and Minister of Economic Affairs of Poland, visits China Pavilion.

Pascal Lamy (left), the former WTO Director General and the Chief Coordinator of the Bidding for 2025 World Expo of France,visits China Pavilion.

China Pavilion enjoyed well-arranged operation order in September. The whole staff worked hard to deal with sudden rush hours and successfully completed all tasks even with lack of manpower. Before the beginning of every important event, the directors of the pavilion would hold meetings time and again to refine every detail of the plans divided into minutes.

In order to ensure the complete success of the activities, staff of China Pavilion usually worked till midnight under the leadership of the directors. Therefore, the pavilion has received great success in every task with the relentless efforts made by the faculty.

Meanwhile, the whole staff of China pavilion gave up their rests at weekends in order to deal with the peak hours and ensure the safety of visitors. Great efforts have been made including controlling the flow at the entrance, communicating between different positions, arranging exit passageways and placing safety guards, etc. and workflows have been refined to ensure the safe, efficient and ordered operation of China pavilion.

Furthermore, in order to tighten up the management of volunteer group, the operation group launched the “Tips for Volunteers” to reiterate volunteer spirits and rules and uplift the spiritual outlook and working skills of volunteers. 

Ben Whiteman, Premier of Curaçao, Which belongs to the Kingdom of Holland,visits China Pavilion.


China Pavilion will hold a series of activities in October.

As Expo Milan is approaching the counting down of closing, China Pavilion is about to hold a series of grand and colorful activities in October. All the members of China pavilion will live up to the expectations to complete successfully the tasks with vigorous efforts and continue to interpret Chinese stories and spirits.

We’d like to extend our sincere welcome again to all of you to take the last opportunity of Milan Expo to visit China Pavilion with the expectation of strengthening mutual understanding and promoting friendly cooperation between China and the rest of the world.

Wang Jinzhen

Commissioner General of China Pavilion

Vice Chairman of China Council for the Promotion of International Trade