Chinese President Xi Jinping gives welcome speech

The Milan Expo 2015 kicked off on May 1, and the China Pavilion opened on the same day. Chinese President Xi Jinping gave a welcome speech via video. The welcome speech is as follows:

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Welcome to the China Pavilion!
The Milan Expo is about agriculture and food. Such a theme concerns the survival and development of every human being and is therefore of great significance. >>More

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Located at Lot N21, China Pavilion lies in the center of Expo Milano 2015, and has a total area of 4,590 square meters, the second largest foreign pavilion in land space.

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Major Events

Major Events

Opening Ceremony of the China Pavilion; China Pavilion Day; Economic and Trade Seminar on Sino-Italian Agri-Food; Sino-Italian Agricultural Heritage Seminar

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Other Events

Volunteers: a different Youth Day in China Pavilion

On May 4, Chinese Youth Day, volunteers in the China Pavilion at the Expo Milano spent a holiday quite different from other young people in China.

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